Beyond the Sea



Kate Beaton is so fucking cool.


lol at white people talking about how horrible the seal hunt/the canadian government is for allowing it to happen while completely ignoring how the canadian government has actively attempted to completely destroy native communities and cultures, how the government has allowed milk to costs $6 a liter in northern territories, and allowed 800+ native women go missing (and done nothing about it)

but oh no!! they allow native people to practice a cultural tradition that involves the killing of helpless animals!! they must be stopped!!!

fountainsofzayn replied to your post: wheres raj i miss him

i dont watch that show but what a beautiful man

i remember when he was on degrassi and he had a white girlfriend and she told him and his whole family she was gonna like convert to islam for him and his whole family was like “lol no thanks bye”

and i knowwww hes so cuteeee!!!!


i have concealed drugs…. search me